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Investment Approach

The investment professionals at Obsidian Capital often have disagreements; it’s an occupational hazard. But they share a common philosophy about investing: No matter what asset you’re analysing, be sure to appraise not only its standalone properties, but the encompassing macroeconomic environment that influences it.

More specifically, our investment team concerns itself with connecting the valuation of the asset in question to the macroeconomic environment that influences the level of that valuation over time.

Their accumulated experience has taught them that the absence of either valuation or macroeconomic support significantly reduces the probability of a successful investment. When they come together, wealth creation results.

How strong is our belief in this investment philosophy? Well, the investment team has a substantial amount of their own personal savings invested in the funds they manage, all of which adhere to this way of thinking. Having our own skin in the game is an authentic commitment to our clients that we’ll always manage their money to the best of our ability.

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