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Royce Long and Richard Simpson, the founders of Obsidian Capital, spent 14 years together at RMB Asset Management. Their experience at this institutional fund manager spanned the management of both multi asset and specialist funds. It was an environment rich in learning and it was there that they began to appreciate the interconnected nature of markets and the need to harness those relationships to make successful investments.

As Richard and Royce’s investment philosophies converged and strengthened, the only way to honour those beliefs about how best to grow their client’s wealth was to forge their own path. That journey began in 2007.

It continues today.

That’s more than 25 years of fund management experience. More than a quarter of a century investigating, modelling, and understanding the economic relationships that drive investment performance.

Today, that trove of hard earned and valuable information is available to only two groups of people; the Obsidian team members and those who entrust us to manage their money.

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